think of the days when you were a shepherd
only that you didn't keep sheep
your goats and cows and your children did need shepherding
though they were not the sheep

remember the grammar (not 'grammer') lesson?
you had in grade II where they taught
sheep means sheep, and sheep mean 'sheeps' too
you weren't bothered though
for you didn't keep sheep or 'sheeps' for that matter
and you were shepherding goats and cows and your children instead

there was a leader once who said
people are sheep
you were already a shepherd
and now you became a sheep too
who will shepherd me you thought and all other
shepherds like you who just became sheep ...continue reading "this is you…a shepherd not a sheep"


After the rejection of last Friday's offer of the post of PM to the SPA, by both the parties and the agitating public as a ploy to diffuse demonstrations and split the SPA, Gyanendra has played one card further by reinstating the parliament. No matter what his intentions, it certainly is a clever move on his part and that of the state to avoid confrontations with the SPA and the public with the planned demonstration on Tuesday. Although Gyanendra's address came late at night, there were already talks among the SPA leaders of changing Tuesday's anti-monarchy demonstrations into victory parades. Well, now the ball is firmly on the SPA's court after calling it a "victory" of the people. Although the failure to mention any of the outstanding issues, such as the Constituent Assembly or the Maoist problem, should still raise some suspicious eyebrows, it is now up to the parliamentarians from the SPA to get together and decide on the next move as per the people's wishes. They should now have enough leverage to take forward the issues, such as that of the constituent assembly to decide the future role of monarchy if any, who the Army should be under etc., through the parliament. ...continue reading "democracy in installments?"