In these last couple of days, I got a chance to try out this new service from Google - its called Picasa Web Albums, obviously to organise your photographs online. And so far it has impressed me enormously. Organising photographs online has never been so easier. The best feature is its seamless intregation with Picasa, a photo organising software that Google acquired few years ago. You get 250MB of storage in FREE version of the service, and if its not enough, you can subscribe to a paid service for $25 a year, which gives you a whopping 6GB storage. If you have a Gmail account, and use Picasa to organise photographs then thats all you need. All you need to do is select the photographs you want to appear on your online album and click a button on Picasa (latest beta version) that says WebAlbums, and thats all you have to do really (of course you have to be connected to the internet :-)...well, who isn't thesedays, eh?). You give the name and (an optional) description for your album and the next minute it'll upload the pictures you selected and the album will be online instantly. Below are a few pictures of my Test-Drive Picasa Web Albums in action.
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Let me first make it clear that I am using “insider” here in the broadest sense of the word – meaning a Nepali’s observation of the events back home, from a foreign land obviously. In any narrow sense of the word, I am no insider - either to political elites of the country or to any royal/feudal & military classes. I am just a lay person with interests in socio-economic, political, and, may I say, environmental aspects of the society and the nation that I grew up in. With these disclaimers, let me move on to what I intended to write about here.
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