Darfur crisis: spreading the word…

Since my last post on Darfur crisis that included an email from a friend in Darfur itself, I have been getting quite a few visits to my blog. I am pleased that I could do little in my own way to “spread the word” as my friend put it. This evening I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email through my blog from somebody who is organising a meeting in NY to discuss the very issue, where Ruth Messinger, the President of American Jewish World Service, will be speaking about her recent trip to Darfur. Here is the email that I received:

The internet is an amazing thing. Which is why I might turn to someone in Old York to promote an event in New York.
If you can let people know about this event, I would appreciate it.

Of course I’ll be happy to spread the word as much as I can. Anybody reading my blog, especially in NY area, please attend this meeting if you can. Below are the details that I received in email. Continue reading Darfur crisis: spreading the word…

Mail from the frontline: Darfur's current state of affairs

Until a few months ago, Dafur was (seemed to be) still high up on the agenda – of the western governments, the UN and the international news media. Then came the Israel-Lebanon crisis, which distracted everybody and gave news media a fresh pasture to feed on. The UN and the western powers have now found another area to show off their power and influence, and suddenly, it seems everybody has forgotten that there is still an ongoing crisis in Darfur – people are being killed, women are being sexually assaulted and the African Union (AU) peacekeeping troops seem very ineffective to stop any of these. We regularly hear about massive underfunding and lack of proper training for the AU troops, but no one seems to be doing anything about it. I hadn’t heard from this friend of mine, who works in Darfur, for quite some time. This morning I got an email from him, and here is what he had to say:
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TXT Me from my website…

I recently came across this nice plugin for WordPress that allows visitors to my blog send me text messages (SMS) on my mobile. The plugin now works for mobile networks in the United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Australia. Now my friends in Nepal, and indeed in other parts of the world can send me a TXT directly from my blog, and that for FREE!! And it could also be an excellent means to interact with the visitors to my blog. This plugin is widget-enabled so adding it to the sidebar on my blog was very easy (of course you need widget-enabled WP-theme to take advantage of this feature, else, you’ll have to call the plugin manually where you want it on your sidebar). The author mentions it could be especially useful for mobloggers (mobile-bloggers) to receive instant feedback on their posts directly to their mobile devices: Continue reading TXT Me from my website…

testing windows live writer…

Finally Microsoft has also released its own blogging tool called Windows Live Writer. I normally use ecto on my Mac (I also have windows version but I rarely use my Windows Laptop for blogging so its just sitting idle!), and its great. First impression of this Windows Live Writer has been good. Clean interface, and intuitive buttons all around. I couldn’t help but test it out on my WP blog with this test post. And, since this is a test post, I’ll be using (well, trying to) as much feature as I can manage to use from this blogware.

Here is a picture:

Now use of blockquote if I can figure out how to do it!

Incidentally. I’m not sure if Live Writer was announced or leaked. Like a lot of Microsoft stuff now, details emerged via the Live Side Team blog. This is neat because it seems to bypass the corporate infrastructure, and most of the teams seem to act on the direct feedback they get. I now have more than 30 Microsoft blogs bookmarked, and Microsoft has turned into a blogging company. It’s doing a much better job in this respect than Google or Yahoo, or IBM or Sun, not to mention all the companies that still don’t get blogs at all.

Thats what Jack Schoffield wrote in last para of the post on the Windows Live Writer.

Well, I think I used most of the features that I could think of…It seems, I mostly focussed on formatting though. Anyway, Insert Picture feature is very nice. I’ll have to try it out with my WP blog soon to see if its really good!

Misplaced trust: future of the country in the wrong hands

After the euphoria of the so called April Revolution, the nation and its citizens seem to be slowly getting back into the reality of the situation. Especially their belief (if they ever truly believed) that the same incompetent and corrupt politicians would take the country out of the quagmire towards a brighter future is being shattered – those they helped into power have started showing their true face. The leader of this pack of incompetent politicians, no matter what his supporter would like to believe him as, is undoubtedly a certain GP Koirala. He has been the one who has been trusted at every crucial period in the country’s political landscape post-1990, and he is without a doubt the one who has betrayed the peoples trust in him the most. Let us go through a few of his political sins so to speak.
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