testing windows live writer…

Finally Microsoft has also released its own blogging tool called Windows Live Writer. I normally use ecto on my Mac (I also have windows version but I rarely use my Windows Laptop for blogging so its just sitting idle!), and its great. First impression of this Windows Live Writer has been good. Clean interface, and intuitive buttons all around. I couldn't help but test it out on my WP blog with this test post. And, since this is a test post, I'll be using (well, trying to) as much feature as I can manage to use from this blogware.

Here is a picture:

Now use of blockquote if I can figure out how to do it!

Incidentally. I'm not sure if Live Writer was announced or leaked. Like a lot of Microsoft stuff now, details emerged via the Live Side Team blog. This is neat because it seems to bypass the corporate infrastructure, and most of the teams seem to act on the direct feedback they get. I now have more than 30 Microsoft blogs bookmarked, and Microsoft has turned into a blogging company. It's doing a much better job in this respect than Google or Yahoo, or IBM or Sun, not to mention all the companies that still don't get blogs at all.

Thats what Jack Schoffield wrote in last para of the post on the Windows Live Writer.

Well, I think I used most of the features that I could think of...It seems, I mostly focussed on formatting though. Anyway, Insert Picture feature is very nice. I'll have to try it out with my WP blog soon to see if its really good!

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  1. mahesh

    WOW, one of the developers of Writer on my blog! Okay, now I am convinced it was a leak, but I can see why someone couldn't keep quiet for 36 more hours...Shame they couldn't do a "grand release" for an impressing piece of software like Writer...may be next time when it comes out of Beta?!

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