I was actually planning to post a proper entry but now I can only manage a quick update as I have to leave in 15 minutes to catch a train to London for tomorrow's Bhaitika. First a few words on changes to my blog. Regular readers might have noticed the disappearance of a couple of larger thumbnails from the left sidebar of this blog - one showing the latest entry in my photoblog, and another, a slideshow of thumbnails from my picasa web albums. I have decided to remove both of those as I noticed a significant delay in loading this blog when they were on. I am gutted, especially, for having to remove the thumbnail showing the last entry in my photoblog. Thats was such a nice feature, and I must thank Taly again for providing me with the php code to make that happen. Sadly, I won't be using that code again until I find a way to load the blog faster with the code on :-(. ...continue reading "quick update…"

I was tired (and sleepy) all day that day. I even came home early from office to take a nap. Just as I woke up from my afternoon/evenig nap, I received a call from a Nepali dai here in York. There was a Momo party at his place and I was invited. I was too tired to walk nearly half an hour to his home or even to get myself on my bike for a 10 min ride. Obviously I tried to avoid going and said I was tired and just wanted to stay home. He said he would come and pick me up, which meant I couldn't say no. So I agreed. Although a small gathering of only a few Nepalis, the house was buzzing with noise already. They already had a round of Momo (appetiser it turned out later!), and were enjoying Pisco Sour, a Chilean (some might call it Peruvian) drink and the guffs. Whenever there is a Nepali gathering, the guffs usually seem to centre around the political and economic situation of the country, and this was no exception. Once in a while somebody tried to talk about something else, like music and television, but those topics also eventually led to the commentary on economy or politics.
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