Dreams of a Nepali teenager from Dolpa…

Just read this very touching story on BBC Online about a Nepali teenager from the remote district of Dolpa in north-west Nepal who won an essay competition organised by the BBC Nepali service and got to record his story for the radio. Excellent stuff…

From the pleasant surroundings of my school in Nepal’s very remote district of Dolpa, I have been trying to develop myself for nearly 10 years, constantly dreaming of doing something good for my society and country.

But however hard I try, neither progress nor prosperity is in sight.

Original news item on the essay competition, and the recorded essays from the winners can be accessed here on BBCNepali.com.

must-read phonecall transcript!

I was googling something and by chance stumbled upon nepaliblogger’s website, and found this brilliant piece of satire. Its a conversation between a Nepali mother and her son in the US on Nepali politics and what not. Its one of the best pieces of satire I have read in a long long time and I bet you’ll all enjoy reading it. So, just head over to here now. If you need a taster to make up your mind then here’s a piece. Enjoy!

JC: Buwa is such a happy-go-lucky guy; you have to give him that. I’ve never seen him stressed out about anything. You worry about everything.

Muwa: Because I think.

JC: Buwa also thinks. Maybe not important stuff. I’m darn sure he is worried about Girija’s health.

Muwa: You know your buwa still suffers from constipation once in a while. Every time he’s constipated badly, he looks at me as if I’m going to help him with that too. I don’t know how, but I can see in his eyes, begging for help. I think he wants me to push for him, I suppose.

JC: (laughter). You and your buwa jokes. Banita laughed so hard, diet coke came out of her nose. I’m pretty sure he is not at home right now?

Muwa: He went for a morning walk. Hasn’t been back yet. Must be somewhere sipping tea and talking politics.

JC: He’s a netaa. That’s what they do.

Muwa: I don’t get it. Someone like your buwa is a netaa in this country. He doesn’t understand how a family runs. I’ll guarantee you he doesn’t know where his shaving cream is. How can someone like him help the government run this country? Don’t you need to have some kind of experience of running something? At least some experience of running your own life?

JC: Guess not. Does he still snore?

Muwa: You bet. When your mind is that empty, everything must clog up on your nasal passage.

"search keyphrase" poetry…

Well, quite a revelation it is whenever I check out my visitor stats etc. Obviously the first thing I check is the number of unique visitors – probably because it is always displayed at the top of the stats page. But then I had to scroll quite a way down the page to check what I really enjoy viewing, and that is – what keyphrase people search on google (I mention google because majority of the search engine redirection to my site comes from google) to arrive to random jottings… ? The experience is quite something and I often see things there (i.e., how people found my blog?) that I never even dreamt of !! How can somebody search “sheep or sheeps” on the google and arrive to my blog, for example? But I tell you that has happened !?!

Anyway, this revelation – to turn those search keyphrases to some sort of “poetry” – a composite of some sorts – came to me late last night when I was checking those list of keyphrases searched (most probably) on google to arrive to my blog. The idea probably came from something called “spam poetry” that I had heard about quite a few years ago, where somebody had created poetry from the subject of the spam mails that person received daily!! I must warn you its not proper poetry, and could well be very boring – but I hope some of the lines make you laugh, as they did to me when I was putting my effort in (re)arranging them this morning! Continue reading "search keyphrase" poetry…

The Last Mughal (of Delhi)

हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम के “तु क्या है”?
तुम्हीं कहो के ये अन्दाज‍-ए-गुफ्तगू क्या है?
रगों मे दौडते फिरने के हम नहीं कायल
जब आँख ही से न टप्का तो फिर लहू क्या है?
– Mirza Ghalib

I wanted to start this post quoting something from the book itself, but since Ghalib features in the book so often and I love his ghazals, I thought why not with a couple of his couplets!?! And also would like to mention that as always I have been meaning to write about this book (not as a review but as my experience reading it!) for nearly a month now – I finished this book on 2nd January! Now that I have got around writing about it, hope its not too stale. As I’m typing these lines, I feel like I’m scavenging my mind of stale thoughts, hence the concern!
Continue reading The Last Mughal (of Delhi)

The Facelift…

After spending nearly a whole day tweaking the CSS, the Header, and the Footer on the original K2 style, I have come up with this new-look random jottings…. Its quite a significant facelift compared to what I had before. From a three column theme, I have opted back to two column style. I hope you find it visually pleasing than my old theme, and also easy to navigate around. Would love to hear your comments as to where I can improve on this theme and how to make it even better to the eyes!

As for the theme, I have decided to stick with K2 theme for now – for a number of reasons. First, you can create as many visual styles as you want and stick those in style folder under the K2 theme folder. You can then choose the one you want by just going to the K2 Option page in the admin area. K2 supports widgets very nicely, so its easy to arrange/rearrange stuffs on the sidebar. It has some cool AJAX features, some of which I haven’t even tried to use yet, such as the live archives. So, there is room to do more with this theme.

And, now I have my own visual style for K2…how cool is that?…and I have called it Plain RJ 0.1.