"Just relax your arm, let it rest" were the words before I felt a pinch. It had been ages since I last had a syringe pinch my body. I don't actually remember exactly when I last had somebody put a needle on my body, but I am sure I haven't had any injections or anything after I left Nepal years ago. I was anxious, to say the least, when I visited my travel clinic this afternoon to get the Yellow Fever jab.

Yes, that's why I had to "feel the pinch" and the numbness around the "spot" afterwards. It wasn't too bad actually, a lot easier than I had anticipated. The only discomfort I felt was the pinch when the needle first pierced my skin. I didn't feel the liquid go in, which is actually more painful if I remember correctly. Apparently this vaccine goes inside the skin but not into the muscle, hence less pain.

Okay, I had to get this vaccine for Yellow Fever because if I don't I wouldn't get entry into Mali, the country I will be visiting in a few weeks' time for a project meeting. Apart from a visa, you also need the international Yellow Fever vaccination card (yellow in colour!) to enter Mali. And the list of vaccines, medications, precautions doesn't end there. I was given this dozen-page printout about the health risk when travelling to Mali and few other countries that I'll be going later in the year, required and recommended vaccinations and medications for those destinations, and at the end, "security advisory"!
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I spent most part of last night setting up Google Apps to use with one of my domains. Google Apps is a set of google web applications (i.e., gmail, calendar, gtalk etc.) that you can personalise to use with your own domain.

I have been using Gmail since the day it was released and despite all the talks about privacy (or the lack of it), I think its a great email service. Very clean interface and easy to use, and the (virtual) sorting of mails using filters and labels just works great. I use Gmail for most of my email needs, including backups of other email accounts, either using email forwarding or now using Gmail's own built-in pop mail retriever.

Its not just the Gmail however, I also use Google's calendar, and love the SMS alert of the events! I have tried Google Documents (Text and Spreadsheet) and know how useful it can be for collaborative work, if all you want is to create a simple text document or a spreadsheet, especially in collaboration with your friends/colleagues.

And last but not least there is Google Chat. It has really made staying in touch with my contacts a lot easier, without the use of fancy IM programs.
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