friday afternoon in office - the worst place to be at the worst time. even if i forget nepal completely for the rest of the days of the week, friday afternoons i remember the country of my birth fondly. how i could have already been home from work at this time of the day on fridays, and planning for the weekend, if only i was in nepal!?! of course there is a catch - work on sundays! but somehow that doesn't sound as bad as working full-day on a friday! i am struggling to keep myself awake, listening to bbc world service hasn't helped nor has the frequent visit to the loo. listening to the comedy from bbc's radio archives was helping a bit but i had to stop listening to them as i was finding it difficult to suppress my laughter, especially while listening to the Now Show, with Mitch Benn's hilarious parody songs...and what an existence, i cannot even laugh out loud...of course with liberty comes responsibilities - i can listen to whatever i like even when i'm in the office, working - but i have to listen to them via headphones, without disturbing others in the office...however comfortable, its nothing like listening to good external speakers...plus i cannot completely absorb the pleasure of listening as i cannot laugh out loud or sing along or show my natural reactions to what i am listening to....anyway, i guess i should be grateful, for i can at least listen to what i want even when i am (supposed to be) working...and i truly am.
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I was thinking about this in shower actually. Can somebody's shot to fame or fortune or something good be termed "meteoric rise"? I mean meteors "fall" and not "rise". Or do they? Someone's catastrophic downfall can certainly be called "meteoric fall" though. That's a more accurate depiction of the event.

Anyway, I have been putting off posting anything for a while now, and I have half finished (or half unfinished) posts on my trip to Mali, recent reunion of my BSc class etc. but it looks like it'll be long before I get around completing those (if ever!). I thought this mindless musing will keep the clock ticking as far as "regular blogging" goes 🙂

By the way, I am really excited about the new planet they just discovered, which is apparently very much "like Earth", news here. I am of the belief that there are life forms/aliens in other part of the universe...it would be really cool if they find something on this "super-Earth".