any distraction will do…

friday afternoon in office – the worst place to be at the worst time. even if i forget nepal completely for the rest of the days of the week, friday afternoons i remember the country of my birth fondly. how i could have already been home from work at this time of the day on fridays, and planning for the weekend, if only i was in nepal!?! of course there is a catch – work on sundays! but somehow that doesn’t sound as bad as working full-day on a friday! i am struggling to keep myself awake, listening to bbc world service hasn’t helped nor has the frequent visit to the loo. listening to the comedy from bbc’s radio archives was helping a bit but i had to stop listening to them as i was finding it difficult to suppress my laughter, especially while listening to the Now Show, with Mitch Benn‘s hilarious parody songs…and what an existence, i cannot even laugh out loud…of course with liberty comes responsibilities – i can listen to whatever i like even when i’m in the office, working – but i have to listen to them via headphones, without disturbing others in the office…however comfortable, its nothing like listening to good external speakers…plus i cannot completely absorb the pleasure of listening as i cannot laugh out loud or sing along or show my natural reactions to what i am listening to….anyway, i guess i should be grateful, for i can at least listen to what i want even when i am (supposed to be) working…and i truly am.
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meteoric rise? i don't think so…

I was thinking about this in shower actually. Can somebody’s shot to fame or fortune or something good be termed “meteoric rise”? I mean meteors “fall” and not “rise”. Or do they? Someone’s catastrophic downfall can certainly be called “meteoric fall” though. That’s a more accurate depiction of the event.

Anyway, I have been putting off posting anything for a while now, and I have half finished (or half unfinished) posts on my trip to Mali, recent reunion of my BSc class etc. but it looks like it’ll be long before I get around completing those (if ever!). I thought this mindless musing will keep the clock ticking as far as “regular blogging” goes :)

By the way, I am really excited about the new planet they just discovered, which is apparently very much “like Earth”, news here. I am of the belief that there are life forms/aliens in other part of the universe…it would be really cool if they find something on this “super-Earth”.

happy new year 2064 :: नव वर्ष २०६४ को शुभकामना !!

Last year this time, I was putting everything on hold to follow the political developments in Nepal. A year on and I couldn’t be bothered even to check Nepali news headlines. How fast things change!?!

Anyway, a new year is before us and I sincerely hope I don’t find myself talking complaining about the same old things again this year. One thing I am sure not to find, unlike last year, is the time to follow ins and outs of political development in Nepal. Might as well because my interest in things political has taken a great downward tumble since the last couple of months (or even more).

Well, staying true to the title of this post, and more importantly to my original intention, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy new year 2064. ((For non-Nepali readers – Nepali new year starts in mid-April (our first month is called Baisakh) and we are now about to begin year 2064 (57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar!).)) May the new year bring peace, prosperity and love in your lives!!
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