thoughts galore…

Its been a while without anything written on these pages, and unfortunately this is going to be pretty incoherent pieces of thoughts as well…but I realised earlier today that if I don’t write/post anything within a day or two, I am not going to do it for a long time, especially with all the travels and the adjusting-to-a-new-place-after-the-travels looming on horizon…So I sit in front of my computer with a glass of red and some pieces of cheese, some black olives and some crisps trying to get inspiration for a post that I hope will be more than just some incoherent pieces of thoughts.

Strangely, the thought for this post came about, when, as I was walking home from work earlier, I heard (and then saw) a black cow mewing ceaselessly while rest of the herd (all reddish brown, except one white!) were quietly grazing nearby. I remembered my cow in Nepal – the one I used to take out to graze when I was a kid. I remembered when I found our cows mewing without any apparent reason, I tried to find one – reason that it, and often scratched its chin or around its neck to give comfort. Of course I couldn’t do that with somebody else’s cow here in England, where they are left on their own, with no herder to be seen anywhere near the cows. Oh well, different culture, different way of keeping the cows! I just hurried through the stray (this grazing area is called a stray!) as fast as I could so that I didn’t have to hear those mews any more.
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windows live mail's spam filter works!

This is the first time in months that my hotmail, now renamed Windows Live Mail has caught a junk mail, that too supposedly from! Seeing this email filtered as junk mail, I think I can now rely on microsoft’s spam filtering system. And I can tell you, it definitely works. ((The filtered email was definitely a junk mail – I checked! There was a link with a .exe file, which obviously doesn’t affect me much as I use Mac OS.))

hotmail screenshot
Windows Live Mail’s spam filter in action!


I recently decided not to renew my current hosting plan and move to a new server instead. Giving myself ample time to do so, I’ve moved both my blogs to the new server already, and have used poudyal.ORG as my domain instead of the current poudyal.COM domain. I won’t be updating my blogs at poudyal.COM anymore. Actually, you should be reading this at mahesh.poudyal.ORG anyway, for I have set up redirection from mahesh.poudyal.COM to here. Anyway, those of you who read using rss readers might have to change the feed address to reflect the change in domain name.

The reason for this unexpected change is that my current hosting plan runs out in a couple of months’ time, but I’m going to Ghana early next month (more details to follow soon!). So, I decided to make the move right away rather than wait till the current plan expires.

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience for too many people.