thoroughly miserable…

rainy york

Last Monday of May, less than 10 degrees temperature, rainy and miserable…and a bank holiday…no wonder I just want to sleep in all day and be somewhere else, at least in my dreams!

3 thoughts on “thoroughly miserable…

  1. wow, mp! looks like the perfect weather to be on the upwind of a hill somewhere in the north york moors while walking towards the next pub stop. haha! try singapore for a change. temperature is now about 29deg and humidity about 75%. =)

  2. The weather is worse in Manchester but at least it allows me to finally finish The Last Mughal (on this blog’s recommendation)! I wasn’t disappointed either 🙂 Have fun in Ghana!

  3. Cheers James, glad you weren’t disappointed by the book. look forward to reading your take on it at mesocosm.

    ymjp, i wouldn’t want to be blown into the north sea from the hills of north york moors in this weather! and i would love to “try singapore” for a change…but i’m going to try hot and humid ghana first, if you don’t mind 🙂

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