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September 29th, 2007 Comments off

When I “reviewed” (talking lightly here) a few weeks ago some news pieces on Nepal – I had only Nepali Times as the media source from Nepal (the other – non-Nepali source – being the BBC). It is going to be more of the same today for my category “in Nepali Press”. The reasons I read Nepali Times online are twofold – first because its a weekly paper and sort of summarises a Nepali week for me without having to check the news from “home” daily. Second because I really don’t like other two news portals – eKantipur and Nepalnews because of their craze with flashy banners, advertisements and all that, and they look dirty even when I block most of those flashy stuffs with Adblock in Firefox and Pithhelmet in Safari. Both those portals are so poorly designed in terms of their aesthetics that I rarely feel like staying on their homepage for more than a few seconds to glance at the headlines when I do stumble upon them occasionally (via links on Google News or other newswires). Anyway, its been a while since I took time to read all the articles in even the Nepali times, which I did today, and have something to comment on some of them if not all. Sort of my “mono-media review” – even there aren’t much news items on BBC about Nepal these days (Burma is making all the headlines and very rightly so). Read more…

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Mailplane…well worth 25 bucks…

September 28th, 2007 2 comments

Just spent about $25 USD on this great application on Mac OS that lets you manage multiple gmail accounts as well as email on Google Apps. It has to be one of the easiest (and quickest) decision I have made when considering paying for license to use a software. For I received a “notification email” about the update and price just this morning and within minutes, paid for the license via paypal and now using a Licensed Mailplane :)

I try to use and support as much Open Source software as I can but once in a while I find software that are worth paying for, and Mailplane is definitely one of those.

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Reality and nightmares…

September 26th, 2007 Comments off

It had been a while since I last wrote an entry (and I mean write proper here with a pen on a paper!) and typed later on. This is one of those entries (at least partly anyway), borne out of situation than from choice – the area that I live in was without power from Saturday night to Tuesday morning. The battery on my laptop was virtually exhausted and the emergency lamp was slowly fading. So, I mused these on a candlelight on Sunday night, with BBC World Service on radio on the background!

Sunday, 23 September 2007, 18:30 GMT (BBC World Service Time)

Real doctor in the house
A dreamnightmare scenario is unfolding at my residence – they are re-opening the maternity home/clinic! Only last week, I wrote about the weird but largely comfortable place that I currently reside in. When I decided to take the place, I thought the maternity home was closed for good. However, over the months I have been here, what I found rather surprising was that most of the peoples who were supposed to know about the closure of the clinic turned out to be completely unaware. It even made me suspicious as to the reason for closure in the first place. Now I am hearing that they are reopening the clinic, and that too all of a sudden and with immediate effect – the watchman has already cleaned up the main check-up room and put in place the necessary equipment. He tells me the clinic will start receiving patients from Tuesday – that’s only two days away! Considering how things usually work here in Ghana, this is extraordinarily efficient!! Once its open, I’ll have to seriously consider using the big gate at the side for coming in and going out from my house. I wouldn’t want to be walking in and out through the corridor full of women waiting to see a doctor, nurse or a midwife.
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Her Eyes, His Hair

September 21st, 2007 2 comments

He only remembered her eyes – those large hazel-brown eyes. He remembered how she let him know all she wanted just from her looks through those eyes. Her happiness, sadness, anger, playfulness…all. She, on the other hand, only remembered his hair – those long, plaited dark hair, which when cut became nice curly hair, rolled into hundreds of identical rings. She remembered playing with his hair, while he gazed at her eyes. He was generally a quiet type but full of energy for childhood adventures, and a good sense of humour even at that age. Remembering each other always brought smiles to their faces, and a deep urge to meet each other again. And every time they came back home to meet their parents, they remembered each other and wished they would stumble upon each other, only if at the bus stop or the village temple. This urge became stronger when their parents told them how the other was doing, and how they were like a couple as kids and now probably wouldn’t recognise each other even if they met.
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doctor in the house…

September 19th, 2007 Comments off

I am a huge fan of BBC comedy series “Doctor in the House” and “Doctor at Large”. Used to listen to them (repeats of course) over the internet. I never wanted to be a doctor, ever – if hell exists then hospital is that for me. Never liked the sound, smell, anything to do with hospitals. Anyway, the reason I bring this issue of doctors and hospitals here (actually when I think of it there might be reasons and not just one reason) is that my current residence in Ghana is just behind this clinic, which is closed now (otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the place!). To be more precise it used to be a Maternity Home/Clinic and you can see the services that it provides used to provide from a snapshot of the signboard below. Yup the signboard is still outside, and the walls are painted hospital-yellow, and there are posters encouraging women to “say no to sex”, “use female condom”, and “breast-feed your babies” all over the walls (of the clinic, not my house!). So you can just imagine how I feel as I come home after long-day’s work and walk through the corridor with all these posters on both sides! And the reason I use the clinic entrance to get to my house is that clinic forms the front of the property and the side gate is just too big (built for vehicles) to open and close everyday.
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