I don't get email from my younger sister too often, so when I do, I have a habit of replying instantly. In fact that's how I treat most of the personal email I receive, which obviously aren't that many, providing me sufficient incentives to reply to those who do write me on occasions. Anyway, I got an email from my sister and replied just a few minutes ago. As I pressed "send", a spelling-error dialogue popped up suggesting me to replace the 'mistakenly' spelt word "dashain" to its correct spelling "brainwash". I just couldn't help laughing out loud in the cafe attracting attention of all other net users. Nobody asked why I was laughing, which was quite a relief, as I don't think they would have been amused at my sense of humour.

Anyway, now that "dashain" has been mentioned, let me start by wishing all my readers who are dashain-celebrating-type a very happy festive season, starting with dashain and then tihar and chhad for some, and so on.

On this festive season all around, I should also wish all those who are observing the month-long fasting for Ramadan and also those who are not - Eid Mubarak! I am already getting too many end-of-Ramadan party invites to celebrate Eid, so was looking forward to it very much...The only problem is I start my survey and field data collection early next week so I'll head for the villages later this week, and miss all the parties that I have been invited to 🙁 The price that I am having to pay for not being able to carry out my field work as planned. Hopefully I get to celebrate Christmas properly...of course that too is contingent on me finishing my surveys before December 25th!

Well, I wanted to do a last update before I headed for the field, and I guess this is it. I am really looking forward to going back to those villages (I was there a couple of months ago for meeting and greeting!) and get some things done this time...

Hope you all have a great festive season!!!

PS. For those who would like to (or need to) stay in touch with me during these next couple of months, it'll have to be via SMS on my Ghana number which works most of the time - unless of course if I am out of coverage area! Like below a mobile phone mast as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts 🙂