Another quick update, more on my whereabouts than anything else. This weekend I'm in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I don't know if I can reasonably justify travelling to Ouagadougou for the weekend while I'm supposed to be carrying out my household surveys in Ghana, but I do have a couple of good reasons, or so I believe.

First reason is that I have actually completed household surveys at one of the sites and needed to take a break. A weekend-off sounded like a good idea (what an irony here though, as weekends are supposed to be taken off anyway!) when my friends in Tamale said they were driving up to Ouaga for the weekend, and whether I would be interested in "coming along". I did need some pursuading by my friends, but not that much to be honest. I think I really needed a "breather" from the work in Ghana, and what better option there could be for going away to take a breather than coming to the capital of a Francophone country!?! Good food, nice music, good-looking and well-dressed women, and lots to do if I was up for the night-outs, and so on. Well, I think I can justify this trip, don't you? ...continue reading "Taking a breather, in Ouagadougou…"


I had read somewhere about this while blog-hopping. Best way to practice writing - telling more using less words. So here is my first try. Wow, this is already more than half of the 55-words! But intro doesn't count...

She flashes him. He's not in mood to see her so doesn't call back. He knows she'd expect something from him if she came. Of course she'll give something in return. After a few flashes, she actually calls him. As soon as he picks the phone, she hangs up. Right then there's a knock at the door. She's standing outside with her hands joined in Namaskaar! He had taught her how they greeted in his country during their last meeting only three days ago...


Paragraph: 1; Sentences: 9; Characters: 347; Words: 84; I failed 🙁