I have been trying WP 2.5 RCs over the few days on my test blog (where I tweak themes and so on), and have been really impressed with the features. Just saw the full release, and without waiting to even test it on my "test" blog, I upgraded rj... And I must say it went without a glitch. I was worried, especially as I wasn't sure if my modified K2 RC3 theme would work, as well as the old plugins. But no problem at all. In fact all of my outdated plugins, I was able to upgrade from the Dashboard with a SINGLE CLICK...Great!!!

You can find the details of all the new features HERE, but just to name a few here - the dashboard is clean and very user friendly, you can upload multiple images and insert them as a gallery on the post, one click plugins upgrade from within the dashboard (I love this feature!), allows you to add audio, video etc with few clicks etc...Although I'm an ecto user when posting entries from my own computer, these new features are definitely attractive enough for me to post from within the WordPress system once in a while, especially when I want to post multiple images and gallery. By the way, I'm writing this from within the WP system 🙂

Well done WP Developers!


Why are you always "online" and "away"? The question I usually had to answer (not much nowadays) if I replied to a ping on IM while on "away" status. We all probably do it. Show our IM status as not available (away, busy, or even invisible) when we want to pick and choose who we would like to chat with and who we would like to avoid/ignore.

"Busy" status is a strange thing (and I don't keep my status as "busy" anymore). You're more likely to get into trouble when you're in a "busy" status than when you're "away". I have heard the same accusation again and again, about being snobbish when I used to ignore messages being in a "busy" status. That didn't really work except to annoy many of my friends.In a way it is understandable as you are really telling them to bugger off.
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