Time: Practically Sunday night, Technically Monday morning - 01:15 hrs (GMT)
Location: Tamale
State of Mind: Unknown
Playing in Background: Andrea Bocelli (Vivere - The Best of Andrea Bocelli)
Reason for Staying Awake: Got 2 hours of good sleep earlier before being woken up by some noise outside the house (party people returning from the club it seems!)
Reason for not being able to go back to sleep: Unknown
Current activity (other than typing): Observing two (very quick) spiders running around the entire length and breadth of the room - worried they might climb on to the bed...worry unfounded so far!
Inspiration for this entry: Mr Witt's comment on the previous post, which I just saw on my mailbox (checked on mobile phone, yea I know I'm a tech-savvy person! And I can already feel some people thinking "what a "mapain" this fella is!?!" 🙂 )
Time since last post: 1 month +
Anything special about this Sunday?: None except that today was the day for my anti-malarial, which I took in timely manner with food in the morning! Oh, no side effects for me as far as I can tell. This staying-up-late has nothing to do with medicine I'm sure (well, I hope!).
In Short: I'm alive and doing well!! 🙂
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