Upgrading WordPress used to be such a pain (although WP website would claim otherwise with their “5-minute install/upgrade” instructions) – even if it involved fairly simple tasks like downloading, uploading, deleting or overwriting files and folders using ftp! Now thanks to SimpleScripts, even that is not necessary. All I need to do is deactivate all...

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  • 28 October 2008

दिपावलीको शुभकामना यस ब्लगका सबै पाठकहरूलाई !!

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  • 24 October 2008

Feels like I own a Polaroid camera now, virtually anyway…never owned in real Don’t believe me? Check this: Thanks to this cool app!

1. “You’re looking healthy” he says. I respond “its Africa”, meaning its all to do with spending half the year in nice warm climate and in a lot relaxed atmosphere. But then I’m thinking “I must have looked FAT” for him to comment that I’m looking “healthy” – quintessentially belayeti comment I would say, polite...