…is the new address for random jottings…, with a new (and probably more apt) tagline “procrastination with purpose” πŸ˜› . I always thought it was pretty lame to have a personal blog on .org domain, and mahesh.poudyal.org did sound very lame to begin with, but somehow I stuck with it for a good few years, probably because it became more familiar and I became more comfortable with it over time. Anyway, I had this new domain for almost a year now – I got it as soon as I saw procrastination.com – on one of those days when I was avoiding doing any work by doing everything else but THE WORK! I have been like that these past few days – working for an hour and avoiding the same for a couple of hours so its like walking two steps forward and a step back. Nevertheless, two hours of avoidance for one hour of work has produced something – the migration of rj… to this new address, and more importantly a whole facelift for poudyal blog, also on a new address – pixels.iprocrastinate.co.uk. I decided to have my photoblog on Pixelpost this time as opposed to my usual favourite WordPress, mainly because it is purpose built for photoblogs, and more importantly it lets me post a picture directly from Adobe Lightroom without having to log on through the browser and so on.

For now I’ll leave all the old contents on rj… here and pb over at its old address. I have already moved every single post with all the comments intact from old rj… site to its new address, however, it’s a bit complicated moving posts from old photoblog to the new one, mainly because of the different platform it uses. Also I feel I should start afresh with my photography, as I’m been a bit of a slacker lately when it comes to photography, and this blank canvas of a blog might inspire me to take and post new and better pictures, fingers crossed. So there it is – the announcement of changing addresses, online.

So visit http://iprocrastinate.co.uk/ for random jottings…, and http://pixels.iprocrastinate.co.uk/ for poudyal blog. Please also update the address for the RSS feeds (if you subscribe to either) to these new addresses. Thanks.

Now on a different note, I hadn’t even heard of this Benjamin Button movie until the nominations for the Oscars were announced earlier today! So I decided to watch it to find out why it deserved 13 nominations. I wasn’t disappointed. Although a bit weird to begin with, the movie is totally gripping – after a bit, everything starts to feel normal, no weirdness of people “growing” young (did I just give out the spoiler!?!) and all that. It’s a beautifully made film and very original too. Deserves every accolade imo. Watch it!

To Do:

  1. Work (annual reports) :(
  2. Work (paper revisions) :(
  3. Work (data analysis) 😐
  4. Work (prepare for meetings) 😐
  5. Work (writing up) 😐
  6. Complete draft blog posts :)
  7. Go out and take pictures :)
  8. Start using flickr again :)
  9. NOT check facebook every hour
  10. NOT check feeds everytime they are updated
  11. NOT start conversation every time a contact comes online (only being sarcastic :P)

FB dilemma

Your prof sends you a friend request in facebook, what would you do? I just got that and had no choice but to accept the request. First option would be to put her/him on the ‘limited profile’ list but sooner or later they’d ask you why they can only see your ‘distilled’ profile while they see a detailed one for their other students! I just decided to accept the friend request without any limitations, but here’re the steps I took before accepting that request:

  1. Go through all your pictures, remove any indecent ones (I didn’t have any luckily! or did I miss some?)
  2. Check any comments, notes you have made in the past seven days (assumption is that s/he wouldn’t look beyond that!), or within those that show up in your profile page and remove those that you don’t want your prof to see (same thing goes for the bosses too!)
  3. If you seem to be spending a lot of time on facebook, i.e., too many comments within a short span of time, same day or same week then remove some, create gaps enough to make him/her believe that you are not a facebook addict and you do spend time doing your work as well (especially important if you are the ones ‘working from home’)

Now that you have added your prof as a ‘friend’ (fortunately mine has always been like a friend), you should:

  1. Not put up pictures that will make you feel uncomfortable facing her/him in the next meeting.
  2. Not leave any comments on his pictures, status messages and so on like you do on your other friends. Even if your prof/boss is like a ‘friend’, remember s/he’s not your high-school buddy.
  3. Be careful when you leave comments on your other friends’ pictures, status messages, notes etc., your prof/boss can always see those through the feeds.
  4. Not leave too many comments in a day or a week, or change status messages too much – don’t give her/him any hint you are addicted to facebook!

Well, writing that was fun, lets see how adding my prof on facebook will be like! πŸ˜›

YEAR 2009

Azarbaizani salad, North-African couscous, and wines from Italy to Argentina, not to mention little snacks and nibbles from who knows where – new year’s eve mini-party in north-east England, and we are welcoming the year I turn THIRTY. I don’t know whether I should rejoice or repent – rejoice for the life I have had so far, and the achievements that everybody keeps reminding me is better than what an average person would have achieved; or repent for not being able to accomplice what I thought I would do by the time I turned 30. I thought I had planned it all and planned it well, but of course you can’t plan your life like that, and especially not me who rarely carries out things as planned, despite spending hours on planning. Anyway, lets not look at the glass half-empty, and welcome the new year wholeheartedly – the year I get out of my “twenties” and start the “thirties” of my life. Achievements and accomplishments (or lack thereof) aside, I’m pretty pleased with my life as I mostly am, and satisfied with things, as I usually am too. I look forward to a year when I think I’ll finally get out of the university, hopefully with the degree that I wanted to get before I turned 30, and to a year when I hope to have a proper job for the first time in life – finally out of the ‘student-life’ for good!

There are good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, and everything in-between to talk of when I look back at 2008, which I’ll leave for some other time. I’m already sick of seeing all those incessant ‘looking-back’s of the year 2008 in all the TV channels, most of the websites I frequent, and on radios and every other media you could think of. So, I’ll leave my ‘looking-back’ for later.

Happy new year everyone!