FB dilemma

Your prof sends you a friend request in facebook, what would you do? I just got that and had no choice but to accept the request. First option would be to put her/him on the 'limited profile' list but sooner or later they'd ask you why they can only see your 'distilled' profile while they see a detailed one for their other students! I just decided to accept the friend request without any limitations, but here're the steps I took before accepting that request:

  1. Go through all your pictures, remove any indecent ones (I didn't have any luckily! or did I miss some?)
  2. Check any comments, notes you have made in the past seven days (assumption is that s/he wouldn't look beyond that!), or within those that show up in your profile page and remove those that you don't want your prof to see (same thing goes for the bosses too!)
  3. If you seem to be spending a lot of time on facebook, i.e., too many comments within a short span of time, same day or same week then remove some, create gaps enough to make him/her believe that you are not a facebook addict and you do spend time doing your work as well (especially important if you are the ones 'working from home')

Now that you have added your prof as a 'friend' (fortunately mine has always been like a friend), you should:

  1. Not put up pictures that will make you feel uncomfortable facing her/him in the next meeting.
  2. Not leave any comments on his pictures, status messages and so on like you do on your other friends. Even if your prof/boss is like a 'friend', remember s/he's not your high-school buddy.
  3. Be careful when you leave comments on your other friends' pictures, status messages, notes etc., your prof/boss can always see those through the feeds.
  4. Not leave too many comments in a day or a week, or change status messages too much - don't give her/him any hint you are addicted to facebook!

Well, writing that was fun, lets see how adding my prof on facebook will be like! 😛