More experimentation

After sending a couple of (mini) posts from e71, i thought why not one from N800, so here is one. I’m using maemo wordpy, and so far so good, although touchscreen typing using my fingers is difficult than i previously thought! And to show off a feature, here is the latest picture i uploaded on flickr!

more entries from e71

just realised wordpress has mobile-friendly interface at, where i’m drafting this entry. Good thing here is i can enter tags as well as categories for this entry. More feature than with email blogging but having to load this interface in mobile browser is one additional step than sending email. Anyway, its always good to have options though!

Blog post from e71

i’ve been searching for ways to easily post blog entries from my mobile ever since i got nokia e71. Having tried a few things suggested on the net, such as installing python and wordmobi, i have come back to emailing as the easiest way to post an entry directly from my mobile. Ok, it doesn’t let me add tags, or put entries into
categories, but those are minor details i think. Most important thing is i can post an entry from almost anywhere, as long as there is mobile network, and access to internet, be it via gprs connection :)

More to come surely :)