As I was struggling to make my paper write-ups more efficient, especially in cutting the time wasted in tabbing through numerous open windows and applications (common culprits being, MS Word, Bookends or Endnote, Papers, Skim, SPSS, Pathfinder - not to mention Mail and Skype!), I decided what I needed was an additional monitor which gave me more desktop real estate and allowed me to view at least 2 or three applications windows side-by-side. I also remembered this Randy Pausch lecture on time management and his take on multiple monitors. So, I ordered a Samsung LCD from ebuyer, okay its only 19" but I have a small desk at home and the monitor was on sale too! As soon as I got it and plugged it in, I though it would just extend my laptop monitor towards the side, which it did (and luckily for me, I placed my new monitor on the right side - the default side a mac seems to extend its display!).

However, what I was hoping was the top menu bar to extend all the way to my new monitor so I could get extended menu bar real estate too. Well, how wrong I was. And after Googling for hours and searching all the mac forums that I frequent, I couldn't find any tips or tricks to extend that menu bar - nothing! I know I can mirror it (by mirroring the main laptop display), but that’s a waste of external monitor as far as I'm concerned. I don't know why no one has come up with a program that let you extend the menu bar!?! dejamenu Anyway, what I did come across was a cool little application called DejaMenu, which gives all the menu items from the application you are running as a context menu on the press of a hot-key combination. At least this is much better than having to move mouse all the way to the main screen to get to the menus. I'm using DejaMenu now and I can't thank the creator enough for this wonderful application. Thank you!
And please someone make an application that lets us extend the main menu bar.

After having failed to update my Twitter account from my mobile and iPod touch, I checked the page on the browser, which failed to load as well. So the Twitter is well and truly down, the latest one line update on Twitter blog is that they are "defending against denial-of-service attack". Lets hope it doesn't last long and it comes back soon. Twitter is the only social network site I use nowadays, so I feel crippled in my cyberspace!