Redundant folders on Gmail/Googlemail – any ideas?

First a couple of screengrabs to show what I am ranting about below 😛

gmail folders gmail folders

Suddenly all my Google Apps email accounts have started showing additional (and largely redundant) labels (folders on my IMAP), and I have no idea why. I am guessing its because they call Gmail Googlemail in the UK, but then they could just have changed the existing root folder name from Gmail to Googlemail rather than creating an extra root folder called Googlemail under which I see a set of labels (which obviously become folders on IMAP) that are basically redundant – like Sent Mail, Drafts, Spam etc. These labels are redundant because the default labels/folders for sent mails is still set to be [Gmail]/Sent Mail and default for draft emails set to be [Gmail]/Drafts and so on. So these [Google Mail]/Sent Mail, [Google Mail]/Drafts and so on are redundant and annoying really, especially on my Apple Mail. I have of course tried to delete these labels, they can be deleted but they appear again few minutes after, I guess automatically created by the system! The only solution now is to make them ‘hidden’ on IMAP but only the labels/folders are hidden but the root folder [Google Mail] still shows up in Apple Mail’s list of IMAP folders… :(

WPtouch plugin – your blog for iphone/ipod touch

Read about it on twitter and now have installed it on my other blog, here – can’t do on this one as it runs on I was never as much excited about any plugin as I was to see this work on my ipod touch, its really very cool. Gives an entirely new dimension to your blog, and probably will reach whole new audience too! Use your iphone/ipod touch’s browser to open this link and you’ll know what I mean. Below are some screenshots from my ipod touch.

poison fruit

A fruit you must know of very well before you try! Saw the word while reading Small Island by Andrea Levy, and looked it up!

Noun: ackee
|’aˌkee| |a’kee|
Red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds; flesh is poisonous when unripe or overripe
= akee


Not that I’ve been updating my blogs too often these days (I do have genuine enough reasons for that) but still, ever since I upgraded to Snow Leopard, my preferred blog editor, ecto, has stopped working, it opens and within a few seconds it crashes. I tried clean reinstalling but to no avail. When I have posted a few entries recently, those have been using ScribeFire add-on on firefox, which, by the way is excellent. However, I prefer using non-browser blogging clients, those that blend well with the OS and provide easy way to resize and upload images. I saw this half-price offer on myBlogEdit on macZOT! so I thought I should give it a try before I decide to splash out 10 bucks on it, which already looks a good deal as I play around with this blogging client! And to complete the text, here is a picture I took a couple of weeks ago…

Castle Howard on a dull day
Castle Howard just outside York on a dull day!

Dell sucks big time…

Okay, here is the story. I ordered a bundle that was on sale at Dell’s UK Web site on Sunday 6 Sept. I placed an order and checked out using my debit card, received order confirmation email with the order number. I was looking forward to receiving my order within a few days. Then after two days, I receive an email (below) telling me that my order was cancelled because they made a pricing error. Well, I didn’t know it was a pricing error, in fact, it wasn’t that cheap to be considered a pricing error (it was listed as 50% off from the RRP!). I thought you were supposed to respect the price that is displayed and at which you allow your customers to place an order. They send the email as if I made a mistake by placing an order when they had their apparent pricing error. I’m really annoyed with Dell now. And after enquiring, they tell me its their policy and I should have read the terms. What the heck!?! I’ll think many times now before buying anything from Dell, that’s for sure. And looking at the forums (including Dell’s own forums) it seems it’s not just me what has been treated like this by Dell.