A short story I 'cooked' while waiting for the airport shuttle very early one very cold morning! Titled 'unseen'.


At a time when even the volvos have started to look beautiful, her car bore an ungainly look - a maroon coloured hatchback that looked disproportionately large at the back with the front almost burying on the ground. Nevertheless, a volvo it was too, that famously strong and safe car regardless of how it looked. She parked the car with a perfect manoeuvre, without need for any adjustments, and positioning the car perfectly in front of the power box for the engine heater. The morning was not very cold and the day's forecast was for a mild weather too. She got out of the car and slammed the door behind without looking back. With a handbag on one hand and a plastic bag probably containing her breakfast on the other she hurried towards the new office block just a hundred or so metres away. It was almost 5:30 in the morning, still very dark but time for her to start her shift. She had less than two hours to finish her duties - duties to make a whole floor on the office block ready for another day. There were twenty rooms, and unconsciously she allocated at most five minutes for each. Of course things were flexible, some rooms required double that time or even more, and some, a glance did the trick. For the latter types, it was as if her glance was sufficient to blow what little dust off the shelves and desks, and return things into their places even if they had been displaced only by a millimetre. For the former ones however, sometimes the inhabitants left the mess behind in just a few hours of work. She often wondered how could someone with a desk job make such a mess. Papers everywhere, dust everywhere, coffee stains on the floor and on the desk with a coaster lying just beside the stain! She had to get the stain remover and a mop for the floor.

By 7:30 she was already out of her floor after finishing all the rooms, and sipping coffee and biting on her home-made ham and cheese sandwich at her "office" with other workers like her. In the meantime those inhabiting the freshly made offices started to appear and made themselves comfortable on their comfy chairs and plan for the day's work as if nothing had changed from the day before. They didn't even notice the freshness of their office or the dust and stain-free environment, opposite of what they had left the day before. In the "ten minute" suite, a bulky middle-aged gentleman sipped coffee noisily, spilling some from the rims while placing the cup on the desk behind his computer mouse. The still brand new coaster sat beside the newly forming stain.

[Image source: wpclipart.com]