What an insomniac I have become, its 02:49 and I haven't been able to sleep since I woke up about an hour or so ago. Night after night I wake up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep, and spend another 2, 3 or 4 hours in sleeplessness. I hadn't even gone to bed that early - must have slept around 22:00. OK, a couple of hours earlier than my usual bedtime, but then 22:00 or thereabouts has been my bedtime here in Ghana for months now. I woke up after a very jumbled-up dream...it seemed to be a khichadi of so many issues that I have either put-off from dealing with, or those that I had dealt with in the past with unintended consequences (reminds me of reading about "intended changes with unintended consequences" somewhere towards the end in Sen's Development as Freedom) or those that I thought I had dealt with but in reality were not dealt with at all...Very confusing and jumbled up, I know...and I always wonder why can't life be as delicious as khichadi when its all mixed-up like the latter!?! Or may be I really enjoy this all-mixed-up life like I do khichadi !!

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He always considered himself a guide by birth.
He has been guiding trekkers through these rugged himalayan terrain ever since he can remember.
A Bramhin by birth but a Sherpa by deeds,
that’s what he always replied when asked about his life,
not forgetting to add that he was a Nepali by birth but now known as Irani.
He doesn't know why.
His identity was contradictions,
so was his life.
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