this ghazal has been ringing in my ears since early in the morning, no idea from where, so i need to get it out of my system before i start my working day, so listened to it a few times while transcribing. and this is my own transcription so there could be errors (i hope not) might be able to hear it online but didn't bother searching for the links (i have it on itunes 😛 ). so here it goes...

मेरे करीब ना आअो के मैं शरावी हूँ
मेरा शऊफ जगाअो के मैं शरावी हूँ

जमाने भर की निगाहोंसे गिरचुका हूँ मैं
नजर से तुम न गिराअो के मैं शरावी हूँ

ये अर्ज करता हूँ गिर के खुलूस वालों से
उठा सको तो उठाअो के मे शरावी हूँ

तुम्हारी आँख से भरलूँ सुरूर आँखों में
नजर नजर से मिलाअो के मैं शरावी हूँ

An apt song for a miserable English Sunday!

Saturday Sun by Nick Drake

Saturday sun came early one morning
In a sky so clear and blue
Saturday sun came without warning
So no-one knew what to do.
Saturday sun brought people and faces
That didnt seem much in their day
But when I remember those people and places
They were really too good in their way.
In their way
In their way
Saturday sun wont come and see me today.

Think about stories with reason and rhyme
Circling through your brain.
And think about people in their season and time
Returning again and again
And again
And again
And saturdays sun has turned to sundays rain.

So sunday sat in the saturday sun
And wept for a day gone by.
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