markdown writing and madagascar

Another random blog post before I head off for my fieldwork for two months or so, where I will probably be beyond the reach of internet, telephone or even electricity for the most part of the trip.

Lately, I’ve become a big fan of writing in Markdown, and more I use it, more I like it, especially when I can export what I writing in the format that others want without me having to spend a lot of my time trying to format the text. Although I have a pretty good setups to write in Markdown at home in my Mac and on my iPad, I haven’t yet found an app that I’m completely happy with for my Windows 7 PC in office. As I am looking for and trying new Markdown apps for Windows 7, I have found one that is Open Source and looks pretty feature rich, and it lets me publish on my blogs directly – its called MarkPad. If you are into Markdown writing, its worth a spin.

Now, for my fieldwork, I’m heading to Madagascar and will spend most of my time there in the eastern rainforest. Its the rainy season there so expecting lots of torrential rain, probably some typhoons, and plenty of mosquito and leeches. I’m prepared though, and very much looking forward to it :-)

a moving piece

I bet you had a number of other thoughts but the one I’m going to talk about as soon as you saw the title of this piece, the headline. And I’m also pretty sure this is not going to be a moving piece, albeit I am going to talk about moving here – moving as in relocating, changing places.

A few weeks ago I alluded to the fact that I was going to be changing job, country of residence and so on. Now that time is coming ever so close, may be just a couple of weeks. Although we haven’t yet found a place to live in the new karma thalo, we have started clearing things at our present place, making our minds up for the eventual move, and wondering how and when and where to start packing. We are hoping to be able to fit our lives within a few boxes and some suitcases when we finally make the move so a ruthless clearing is the key, not going to be easy, but got to do it regardless.

I haven’t spelled out yet where we are headed, but a google map could easily tell you that, like so: (and before you wonder, of course we are not going to walk all the way!)


Image: Google Maps

a poetic reply (sort of)…

I was searching for a contact on my gmail archive earlier today, someone I knew some 10 years ago, and my hope was that I had forwarded the email from that person to my gmail account as I left the university after my undergrad degree in 2002. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the person or the email I was hoping to find, although it was not important at all. I just wanted to see if I had an email address, I might have fired a “hello” email if I had found the address, thats all. The reason was that I just happen to think about this person suddenly today while I was having a conversation with a colleague about mental conditions/stress. This person I knew had a serious mental breakdown while working towards a masters degree, and even though wanted to pursue a doctorate programme, couldn’t even complete the masters degree properly I think. Anyway, what I ended up finding was something completely different, a piece of poem-of-sorts that I wrote as a reply to a friend who had sent me a supposedly well-known/popular poem. So here is a challenge for you all: below is the piece I had written in reply to my friend, now try to find the original poem related, which is supposed to be popular on the internet, might even be a song now, but I’m not sure. My dear friend who sent me that poem in the first place, you know who you are so you can only be an observer here 😉

can’t decide whether you are complaining
or giving me the compliment undeserved
clinging onto the old days old ways
a trait i had in me always

i thought you knew me too well
to complain about my stubbornness though
i don’t believe it’s silly, but it is true
i don’t need autumn and the falling leaves…

to think of you