I think it should have come about 7 years earlier - but better late than never. Headlines everywhere are that the Himalayan nation has voted to become the newest republic ending 240 years of monarchy. But I particularly liked the following headline on the BBC WorldService Radio at 03:00 GMT -

Nepalese decide to get rid of the king, without knowing who to replace him with.

Another day and I'm back in front of my computer screen hitting refresh button every so often for all the election results pages that are open on my browser. Here is my list of websites from where I am getting the latest updates (ordered by the frequency of updates):

  1. kantipuronline.com election results page: very frequent updates, and with intermediate results that can be viewed by district
  2. CafeDeNepal.com election results page: following very closely (and occasionally faster than) kantipuronline.com, and with intermediate results by district in one big table
  3. MySansar blog: frequent updates on results and other post-election events in Nepal
  4. nepalnews.com election results page: fairly frequently updated but a bit disorganised in presentation

And its extremely refreshing to see NC and UML fighting for the SECOND place!