Torrential rain is one of those things I miss the most from the tropics when I'm in Northern/Western Europe. Although I have witnessed heavy rain almost every day (nighttime actually) since arriving in Tana, I still get excited when I hear the rain thumping on the tin roofs around, making so much noise that you have to shout out load to be heard. It has been raining at night usually, but today it rained in the afternoon and the raindrops were some of the largest I've ever seen. When they hit the roof, it felt like hailstones hitting the roof, only that they were just big raindrops!


What an ordeal I had to go through to spend a weekend in Tamale! On Friday I finished my work in the village by mid-morning, hoping I would be picked up by a friend who was supposed to be passing by the place before lunch. As it happens so often here, I waited and waited without any sign of that friend coming or of any news about his whereabouts. Sent a couple of messages but no response, finally called around lunchtime when he said I should wait for him and that he'd be coming shortly. I had my lunch in the village, and continued with my wait. I was reading Dostoevsky's The Gambler and had a couple of dozen pages left, which I finished not so long afterwards, but still no sign of my friend! Around 3pm I received a text message from him telling me he'd be setting off in one hour and should be there shortly afterwards. I decided to wait another hour and half (this was a big mistake as I later found out!). I waited for another couple of hours and he didn't come. At around 5:30, I received a final text in which he said his company doesn't allow him to use company vehicle after 6pm so can't return to Tamale! I was just too tired and sick of waiting to even be angry with him. I just told myself I'll get to Tamale that evening no matter what, and so waited for a local mini-bus or tro-tro.

This wouldn't even tro-tro :): A relic from the past in Gbimsi.
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