I have hardly had any chance to do non-work stuffs in my trips to Madagascar - this is my fifth trip in less than two years - apart from a four-day whirlwind trip to see the baobab last year. I would be working even during the weekends here, so it was a welcome break to go out to an exhibition opening, even if only for less than an hour. Is'art Gallery is run by a Malagasy artist I've come to know well as he is married to a colleague working on another project linked to my own. This latest exhibition is by young girl artists who have been rescued from child prostitution and sexual violence, and were supported and mentored by a number of local Malagasy artists. Even though I couldn't stay long at the exhibition, I could sense from several of their creations that these girls were expressing their hope and aspirations for the future, a future that is free of the terrible abuse they have suffered in the past, and a future where they could lead a normal life.