Motorcycle diary

Motorcycle diary by ♍
Motorcycle diary, a photo by on Flickr.

Decided to extend the Flickr Pro subscription one more time, primarily because it is so easy to use and I don’t want just 200 of my photographs showing out of more than 600. Also, I thought it might make me use the service more, especially now that Yahoo has built a pretty decent Flickr app for iphone.

So I start off with a iphone capture of a souvenir bike we bought in Rome, Italy made of wires by a Chinese-looking man. More to come :-)

My first tweet!

I joined Twitter in November 2007, and now that twitter allowed me to download my entire twitter archive, I can show off my (rather bland) very first tweet :)

poison fruit

A fruit you must know of very well before you try! Saw the word while reading Small Island by Andrea Levy, and looked it up!

Noun: ackee
|’aˌkee| |a’kee|
Red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds; flesh is poisonous when unripe or overripe
= akee