This is my first post here using Wordmobi, a wordpress blogging tool for symbian mobiles. Actually I might have published a few posts before but that must have been a long while ago. Anyway the main purpose of this post is just to show @nahsrad that this actually works :p

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Well, I'm planning to write a review/user experience of sorts a bit later on my first ever Android phone, HTC desire but for the moment I thought I should try out the WordPress app on my phone. It's a bit of a pain typing anything long on the phone but I must say I'm finding my HTC desire much eas

ier than my ipod touch. The suggestion feature works well too. Besides I'm not going to make it much longer. Also I couldn't be bothered to go to length to get a screenshot (needs you to install sdk on a computer and get screenshot from there!), so this post is now done 🙂

So here it is, my first blog post from an Android phone. Just to put an image on the post, I'm uploading a picture taken using the phone 🙂