People in Nepal are too quick to point out what happened in Egypt should happen in Nepal too – that the army should intervene and ‘teach political parties a lesson on how to govern’ (Nepal already has a judge as the head of government)! A coup d’état by the army is certainly not a good...

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  • 28 June 2013

Changing the job, country of residence, field of work, etc etc. once again, soon, and feeling good about it too Guess the place!

Snooze …has become my new favourite word …has become my favourite button on mobile phone …has become my favourite clickable button on my calendar …has become my favourite cliclable button on my task/to-do list

Summer 2013, a set on Flickr. A glimpse of summer and what we’ll probably be doing a lot this summer in Umeå!

मेरो यस ब्लगमा सन् २००६ देखिका लेखनहरू मात्र छन् । त्यसभन्दा पहिले मैले सन् २००२ देखि २००५ सम्म क्यानडामा बस्दा छद्मनाममा लेख्ने गरेको थिएँ ब्लगमा। ब्लगस्पटमा लेखिएका  ति लेखनहरू जस्ताका तस्तै त रहेनन् – तर आज कम्प्युटरमा पुराना लेखहरू खोज्नेक्रममा केही लेखनका खेस्राहरू एउटा रार (rar) फोल्डरमा फेला पारें । सबै त यस ब्लगमा राख्न...