Achievement: posted my 200th photograph on flickr (well, not really an "achievement" given that I joined in 2005!) BUT

The Catch: Free account apparently only lets you show off the last 200 photographs uploaded AND it suggests I should upgrade!

So: I'm gonna weigh the costs vs benefits of spending a couple of dollars a month on the Pro-Account for a while (like an economist should) - meanwhile, I also show-off my pictures elsewhere anyway!


The Wait
People are already in a holiday mood. It's 4:30 am and they are waiting for their flights with a couple of pints of lager already in them and a pint in front of them. Their destination - Ibiza or Amsterdam or Vienna, and it wouldn't surprise me if they needed help getting on the plane or off it. I, on the other hand, am drinking strong coffee to stay awake and going through a project document that I need to give feedback on when I reach my destination some 9 hours (of flight) away. Nonetheless, I'm also thinking about enjoying a cold beer with some local meat (sorry veggies!) when I get there at night before crashing. The early-morning news on the ITV is reporting Labour's defeat in the local elections and the likelihood of Ken Livingstone's defeat in London Mayoral election (and as I write these lines, he has lost to Boris Johnson).
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