I have been using ecto on my Mac as the main blogging client for a while now. However, recently when my Mac was at repairs, I tried the latest version of Windows Live Writer on a Vista laptop, and it really blew me away. I think WLW is the best piece of Microsoft software I've used by a mile. Now I have got my mac back and ecto feels so unfriendly to use suddenly - very unintuitive, very bland, very un-cool. So I started searching for what's out there and found Blogo. It has got fairly decent reviews, but the problem is it not a freeware, even WLW is FREE! Anyway, I'm giving it a try for now - using its 21-day trial version to compose this post. Lets see how I find it. So far I'm impressed with its simplicity, ease of use, and most importantly, its really cool "fullscreen" mode. It makes you feel like a "writer", proper writer 😛

And the picture above - a panorama of the Cape Coast in Ghana - is just for the sake of it, to try out features in Blogo 🙂