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Google Redesigned

March 4th, 2009 Comments off

Just installed an experimental add-on on my firefox – Google Redesigned. Although with some minor issues (understandable for an experimental add-on), it makes gmail and google calendar much more visually pleasing and intuitive. A couple of screen-grabs.



google calendar

google calendar

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December 13th, 2008 Comments off

I’m always looking for applications that allows me to post to my blog easily, even though I am pretty lazy in updating my blogs these days. On my Mac, I use ecto to post new entries almost always. However there are times when I would like to stay on my browser (Firefox) while I publish a quick post. I have tried using the Flock browser just for that purpose, but I am a Firefox person and one thing that is always running on my machine is Firefox, even when Skype (the other application which is mostly on) is not on! This is where ScribeFire comes in. It’s a small Firefox add-on that does BIG things. It lets you post to your blogs (all major blogging platforms supported!) directly from the Firefox (tab or split window) without having to log-on to your blogging platform through the web interface! It is small, fast and gives you enough options.


One option that I would really like on ScribeFire is to be able to add WordPress specific tags and not just the Technorati tags as it currently lets you insert. Other than that ScribeFire is almost perfect! And of course I am posting this from Firefox using ScribeFire!