Went to a pub last night - probably only the second time since I came back to York for my PhD (yea, I know its a bit pathetic in a city which boasts of having 365 pubs - one for each day of the year!) - but I had good reasons, before July last year, being a non-smoker, I hated going to pubs because of the smoke. I couldn't risk going to pub for a drink and puking all over the smokers in there! And then the disgusting smoky smell you get on your clothes when you come back from the smoke-filled-pub afterwards would make me puke again!! Yuck!

Then for the second half of last year after the smoking ban in England (in public spaces!) I was in Ghana, again most of the time trying to dodge smokes coming my way - everybody seemed to smoke there!! Having been to a smoke-free pub now, I quite liked it! So may be I should get a bit adventurous and census the York pubs - one a day!! Seriously? NO. Especially when I have already noticed quite a few pubs shut down - may be due to smoking ban!?! - I would imagine this 365 pubs thing to be just a myth now.
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