After spending a couple of hours half finishing a couple of drafts, and not being able to complete either, I've gone back to my last resort - typing the ghazal while I listened to it, and here it is. At least my blog will show up as "recently updated" in your newsfeed readers. Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for a long rant (which I'm not sure anyone would). Here is the Ghazal - again by Jagjit from the album Marasim (Gulzar's lyrics).

वो खत के पुर्जे उडा रहा था

वो खत के पुर्जे उडा रहा था
हवाओं का रूप दिखा रहा था

कुछ और भी हो गया नुमाया
मैं अपना लिखा मिटा रहा था

उसी का इमान बदल गया हे
कभी जो मेरा खुदा रहा था

वो एक दिन एक अजनबी को
मेरी कहानी सुना रहा था

वो उम्र कम कर रहा था मेरी
मैं साल अपने बढा रहा था

Well, I'm supposed to be finishing up a paper this weekend, but as always in times like this, I seem to find more time to do something else than what I am actually supposed to do. If I let myself, I'll probably end up posting a few entries (drafts of most are there already, at least in outlines) by the end of the day, BUT I'm not gonna let myself do that. Not until the end of next week. You see, I don't want to derail my PhD because of weird things I think in shower. So, instead, I'll put another of my favourite ghazals. I've not mentioned this before, but all the ghazals in Devnagari script that I put up here have been typed by myself while listening to them, so any error/typos are my own. I don't like putting up ghazals in romanised hindi/urdu, which is what you get mostly online. And I don't have the patience to search those typed in Devnagari, which are far and few between. Anyway, enjoy the ghazal. Again by Jagjit from the album Marasim (Gulzar's lyrics).

जिन्दगी यूं हुई बसर तन्हा

जिन्दगी यूं हुई बसर तन्हा
काफिला साथ और सफर तन्हा

अपने साये से चौंक जाते हैं
उम्र गुजरी हे इस कदर तन्हा

रात भर बोलते हें सन्नाटें
रात काटे कोई किधर तन्हा

दिन गुजरता नहीं हे लोगों में
रात होती नहीं बसर तन्हा

हमने दरवाजे तक तो देखा था
फिर न जाने गए किधर तन्हा

Well, I'll get back to work (Ghazal on the background obviously). I don't think I need to elaborate on the title of this post other than a brief weather report: a grey cloudy day, and a bit chilly too!