While in Philippines last month, I saw a nice little sound amplifier for smartphones and tablets that could also function as a stand, made out of bamboo. No electronics involved, just a passive amplifier. So armed with a swiss army knife (because I couldn’t find any carpentry tools at my parents’ place here in Nepal), I managed to recreate (sort of) what I had seen in Philippines (see pics).

Bamboo stand
Handmade bamboo stand, which also works as passive amplifier. Granted, its a bit rustic, but what would you expect with a tiny swiss army knife 🙂

And it does work! Besides, I managed to do it without hurting myself, not even a scratch, which is rare - possibly because I have very limited tools to make use of. Also reminded me of my childhood here when I used to try out crafting all sorts of things out of bamboo and pieces of wood lying around house. Overall, I had a very satisfying Saturday, and a bit nostalgic one too…
A closer look at the bamboo phone stand.

Torrential rain is one of those things I miss the most from the tropics when I'm in Northern/Western Europe. Although I have witnessed heavy rain almost every day (nighttime actually) since arriving in Tana, I still get excited when I hear the rain thumping on the tin roofs around, making so much noise that you have to shout out load to be heard. It has been raining at night usually, but today it rained in the afternoon and the raindrops were some of the largest I've ever seen. When they hit the roof, it felt like hailstones hitting the roof, only that they were just big raindrops!