Another day and I'm back in front of my computer screen hitting refresh button every so often for all the election results pages that are open on my browser. Here is my list of websites from where I am getting the latest updates (ordered by the frequency of updates):

  1. election results page: very frequent updates, and with intermediate results that can be viewed by district
  2. election results page: following very closely (and occasionally faster than), and with intermediate results by district in one big table
  3. MySansar blog: frequent updates on results and other post-election events in Nepal
  4. election results page: fairly frequently updated but a bit disorganised in presentation

And its extremely refreshing to see NC and UML fighting for the SECOND place!


So the Constituent Assembly election in Nepal was largely free and fair, and with very few incidences, which certainly answered many of the sceptics - and that includes myself, I must add. Not that I was thinking the election will not happen, I just was not sure it would happen in a manner that was in stark contrast to the run-up to the election - with very little violence, and with very little accusations and counter-accusations of vote-rigging. Of course, the results have yet to come, so depending on how the major parties fare, we might start to see the complaints once the results are made public. Especially seeing the UML slipping behind the Maoist and the NC in initial stages of the count, and some of its politburo leaders likely to lose (one has already lost in KTM 1), it would not surprise me if MKN and others cry foul. However, if the observers declare the process free and fair to a large extent, then the losers will have very few issues to complain about, and their complaints will not have as much legitimacy.

As for the showing at the CA election, Maoists must themselves be surprised at how well they are doing, especially when we consider some of their pre-election tactics of threat, intimidation and violence against the other parties, mainly through YCL. I bet they are now regretting not controlling YCL's thuggish behaviour during the election campaign. YCL's antics must have cost them a good percentage of votes, especially in closely-fought areas, where it might cost them the seats which they could otherwise have won. Of course, we just have to wait and see if that will be the case. Initial counts certainly show however that the people might have decided to give Maoists a chance, as they had asked during their campaign.
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