Something I wrote earlier this year in Ghana – inspired by D’s “staring at the ceiling fan and remembering someone” dialogue While others might think if they should hang themselves by their ceiling fan at times of desperation, he is always worried about the ceiling fan dropping on to him while he sleeps on his...

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  • 19 February 2008

Two scraps from the past that seem relevant in the present. Scrap 1: worse hand-writing in the world!?! Wouldn’t surprise me at all Scrap 2: It can’t be me!!! At least not the one with “nameless fame”…future aspirations? I hope not!!! He is enjoying his nameless fame on his pedestal, his ivory tower. He thinks,...

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  • 10 February 2008

… has to be one of the best movies I have seen this year ((some of you might need a box of tissues on the side while watching this movie ))! … and the year is only one and a half months old!!