Not many people know I'm back in Nepal, and I doubt this post will add more than a couple to that number. I think of lots of things to write every day as I come back from my day out in Kathmandu but I find myself too tired to do so. Plus hours of loadshedding (power cuts) every day doesn't help as we need to be awake at very odd hours to use internet most of the time! Anyway, I just wanted to let know those few who follow me
through this blog what I'm up to here in my hometown.

1. I'm here because I'm in between jobs.

2. I plan to start my work remotely to begin with from here, hopefully from next week (after Nepali New Year)

3. In the meantime, I'm keeping low profile by going to quite high-profile football matches 😛 (see an evidence below - a lot more of the pictures here)

football - Nep vs DPRK

4. I'm also spending my time while I'm in the village (village only in name really - it has changed beyond recognition in recent years, definitely not the village I first left in 1999) by taking some macro snaps in the backyard - almost my favourite passtime 🙂 - at least keeps me occupied when I'm not in the mood to read or write! (another evidence below - much more here)

flower & a bee

...and that’s pretty much it thus far. Even if I don't write here, I'll be tweeting HERE. And will be uploading pictures whenever I can HERE.

So long...

note: just as I was ready to publish this post power cut struck again, so I'm finishing this from my mobile. hope this comes through fine.