While in Philippines last month, I saw a nice little sound amplifier for smartphones and tablets that could also function as a stand, made out of bamboo. No electronics involved, just a passive amplifier. So armed with a swiss army knife (because I couldn’t find any carpentry tools at my parents’ place here in Nepal), I managed to recreate (sort of) what I had seen in Philippines (see pics).

Bamboo stand
Handmade bamboo stand, which also works as passive amplifier. Granted, its a bit rustic, but what would you expect with a tiny swiss army knife 🙂

And it does work! Besides, I managed to do it without hurting myself, not even a scratch, which is rare - possibly because I have very limited tools to make use of. Also reminded me of my childhood here when I used to try out crafting all sorts of things out of bamboo and pieces of wood lying around house. Overall, I had a very satisfying Saturday, and a bit nostalgic one too…
A closer look at the bamboo phone stand.