I bet you had a number of other thoughts but the one I’m going to talk about as soon as you saw the title of this piece, the headline. And I’m also pretty sure this is not going to be a moving piece, albeit I am going to talk about moving here - moving as in relocating, changing places.

A few weeks ago I alluded to the fact that I was going to be changing job, country of residence and so on. Now that time is coming ever so close, may be just a couple of weeks. Although we haven’t yet found a place to live in the new karma thalo, we have started clearing things at our present place, making our minds up for the eventual move, and wondering how and when and where to start packing. We are hoping to be able to fit our lives within a few boxes and some suitcases when we finally make the move so a ruthless clearing is the key, not going to be easy, but got to do it regardless.

I haven’t spelled out yet where we are headed, but a google map could easily tell you that, like so: (and before you wonder, of course we are not going to walk all the way!)


Image: Google Maps


Quick update from a phone: I've now started on a new position in Sweden as postdoctoral fellow. I'm in a small city way up north from Stockholm, and it's a beautiful place. I decided to come here coz I wanted to read and write (scientific research as well as other stuffs) for the next two years at least, so very much looking forward to fulfilling at least some of my wishes :). Plus it's a great place for wilderness/landscape photography so hoping to do some of that too. More updates soon, cheers!