On board wifi on the norwegian air flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Barcelona did sound quite a luxury to have while flying. But after trying to connect to twitter, skype, google+, instagram, and even facebook for the last hour or so, I have found it more of an annoyance. As a last resort I decided to post a quick piece here if this one gets uploaded that is. So far the signs are not so good to say the least. In any case, I'll now return to reading lonely planet guide to Barcelona 🙂


I have been using Parallels Desktop on my Mac for a few years now when I need to run WinXP. Recently I read about Sun's VirtualBox and thought of giving it a try. Couple of nights ago I installed the app (its way smaller in size than the Parallels), and then Installed OpenSolaris OS on it. It runs like a charm. No problem in installation and it actualy uses a lot less resources than Parallels does. I have yet to install WinXP on VB to see if it works just as good as in Parallels but with less resource use obviously. In fact I did try to install XP but everytime I got some error in loading installation CD. I have yet to figure out the solution. Seems like lots of other people are getting the same problem though! The error I'm getting is this:

Fatal: no bootable medium found! System Halted

Anyway, I am happy to be able to run solaris though. It works excellent in 'seamless' mode on my second monitor! Click on the image for the larger version.
mac os x and opensolaris on virtualbox together