He wasn't going to notice her, knowingly. The truth was he hadn't noticed her until he was within a few metres of her. She was coming towards him with her friends from the opposite direction. As soon as he realised it was her, he knew it would be wise to not notice her or pretend that way in any case.

He is quite good at that now - at, knowingly, "failing to notice" somebody. He was always good at unknowingly failing to notice people - known people that is. He has got into trouble numerous times in the past for not noticing people he should have noticed, or expected to have noticed, and greeted. The fact is walking alone is such a personal act for him, he reserves such moment for himself and no one else. And even after the troubles, he hasn't been deterred from reserving this personal moment to himself and blocking out everything else in his path, except the path itself. You could say he walks in auto-pilot, with only his physical self walking the walk. Mentally and spiritually (although he says he's not entirely sure he has a spiritual self!) though, he's usually somewhere else during those moments.
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