Just saw a news on the list of "endangered languages" published by UNESCO, and thought of checking how many in Nepal are on the list. I'm not into language research or anything, but as somebody who's always interested in learning new languages, I find it sad that many of the world's minority languages are in decline, and threatened with extinction. UNESCO website has a nice interface with Google Maps giving the general area where the languages on the list are spoken, and in Nepal, of the 71 languages on the endangered list THREE-FOURTH are classed as endangered or extinct - that’s 53 out of 71 languages! The remaining 18 are on the "unsafe" category. The list reads like this.

  • Unsafe - 18
  • Definitely endangered - 33
  • Severely endangered - 13
  • Critically endangered - 6
  • Extinct - 1 (Dura)

You can view the details on the UNESCO website here.