Quick update from a phone: I've now started on a new position in Sweden as postdoctoral fellow. I'm in a small city way up north from Stockholm, and it's a beautiful place. I decided to come here coz I wanted to read and write (scientific research as well as other stuffs) for the next two years at least, so very much looking forward to fulfilling at least some of my wishes :). Plus it's a great place for wilderness/landscape photography so hoping to do some of that too. More updates soon, cheers!


...and the wait continues to start on the new job (the actual wait is for the permit to travel to the country where the job is!).

In the meantime I'm working in Nepal - couldn't get SPSS for my number-crunching job so got and learnt STATA (still learning actually), and becoming fairly comfortable with it! Yet to write of the crunched numbers 😛

Most importantly got time to read (still too lazy to write much though!) and have finished a few good books 🙂

Just finished Michel Peissel's Tiger for Breakfast, and currently reading Solo by Rana Dasgupta (pic below).



Oh, did I mention I got married recently?!? Life's well so far 🙂