He had never cared to step on the step-on weighing scale that lay beneath the towel radiator in the bathroom until one day when he saw it out in the open with fresh marks of a pair of feet. The marks of those slender looking feet got him thinking who it was, for his house-mates definitely didn't look like the ones with slender feet. They might have been his own feet, only that they were a couple of sizes too big. In any case, seeing the scale out in the open, he decided to step on, and to his horror found that he was 8.7 STONES!

He wasn't horrified at his weight, he was horrified because the scale only showed the weight in STONES! Truth was he didn't know how much 8.7 Stones was in Kilogram. He knew 1 pound was around half a kilo, but he had no idea how many pounds made a Stone! In any case, he got on with his routine, and as soon as he was back in his room, he Googled to find the conversion table. He was really horrified now that he knew his current weight in kilograms. 55 Kg! He has never been this heavy - he was proud of his 50±1 Kg body weight. Suddenly he found himself FOUR Kilos overweight.

He went back to the bathroom to confirm his weight (in stones) - took off his clothes to make sure he got the accurate measurement and stepped on the scale once more. Still 8.7 Stones. Tried again. Still 8.7 Stones. A third time. Still the same. It was clear that he had put on weight, probably for the first time in his life!
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Two scraps from the past that seem relevant in the present.

Scrap 1: worse hand-writing in the world!?! Wouldn't surprise me at all 🙂


Scrap 2: It can't be me!!! At least not the one with "nameless fame"...future aspirations? I hope not!!!

He is enjoying his nameless fame on his pedestal, his ivory tower. He thinks, he talks, and he writes - but he doesn't leave his ivory tower, or mind his namelessness. He acknowledges that one day he'll have to leave his tower, and drop down to the real world, and acquire a real name, and do real things. We'll just have to wait and see if he's still able to think, and talk, and write then as he does now...

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