happy new year 2063

I had stopped writing blog entries long ago...without any reasons really. I was/am just too lazy to write ('type' would be the right word thesedays as I hardly do writing in the proper sense of the word!). Anyway, I am not lazy in reading others' blogs however and read I do a lot, especially when there are so many good blogs coming out of Nepal/Nepalis. And everytime I read new entries on these blogs, I make up my mind to write something myself...inspire they all do but then my laziness overpowers me to be able to jot even a few lines. Over these months without a "text" blog, I have resorted to a photo blog to keep an updated online presence. Now there is a sudden urge to write something again and hence this effort. The timing couldn't have been better, for it happens to be the new year's eve (or the new year's day in some parts of the world already)...Nepali new year that is...the year 2063...and by default, writing regular blog entries has become my new year's resolution.

Well, the past week hasn't been too great for Nepal and the Nepalis, however, seeds of the democratic movement that have been sown in Nepal during the past 7, 8 days have to bear fruit sooner or later. I sincerely hope it will be this new year that we get to pick that fruit. And hopefully, it'll be in a more peaceful environment that we sit down to taste it together.

Have a very happy new year 2063 everyone!