this is you…a shepherd not a sheep

think of the days when you were a shepherd
only that you didn't keep sheep
your goats and cows and your children did need shepherding
though they were not the sheep

remember the grammar (not 'grammer') lesson?
you had in grade II where they taught
sheep means sheep, and sheep mean 'sheeps' too
you weren't bothered though
for you didn't keep sheep or 'sheeps' for that matter
and you were shepherding goats and cows and your children instead

there was a leader once who said
people are sheep
you were already a shepherd
and now you became a sheep too
who will shepherd me you thought and all other
shepherds like you who just became sheep

can anyone shepherd the shepherds you thought while
the 'leaders' came along to do that
then you heard about buying and selling
of your leaders like the sheep and the goats
if shepherds become sheep or the goats
who would shepherd them? let alone their sheep

then came along a shepherd of the shepherds
intent on 'actively' shepherding your leaders and you too
only to unveil his true face - a wolf or was it a hyena
and just when you thought everyone had a shepherd
shepherding them, protecting them
the hyena had already struck several times over

you looked at your shepherds who stayed hidden
within the comfort of their concrete walls leaving you
open in the fields fending off the hyenas
running here and there and all over in flocks
minimising the chances of getting picked
for you knew one of two things about chances

you also knew one or two things about power
of the masses as you started fending off
the hyenas with your horns and hoofs en masse before
you realised you were actually shepherds once and
you started acting like one once again
shepherding not only yourselves but your leaders too

you have chased away the hyenas and
have shepherded your leaders too
you have made them promise not to be
bought or sold again like a sheep or
to be shepherded by the hyena that lives
just around the corner and acts like a noble shepherd

you know you won't sleep well until
there is a hyena just round the corner and
you and your sheep's future still hangs in balance while
your leaders try to act on the promises they made
for the future still looks dark under the shadow
of the hyena that lives just round the corner

you are not scared of the hyena anymore which
is a progress from where you were as a sheep
for now you have realised you are a shepherd with power
to chase the hyenas and to shepherd your leaders too
for once you have realised
you are a shepherd and not a sheep

for once you have realised
you are a shepherd and not a sheep