End of a blogging month…start of a (mini-)summer break!

Here comes the closing post for July 2006, the month I feel I'm back to the regular blogging mode...well, sort of. This is my 10th post for this month, which means one-third of the month I blog(ged)...that's a good frequency for me! I don't want to make this post just a statistics though - the 10th post - without substance. Since this is the last day of July, I want to talk about a few things that have happened (been happening) to random jottings..., poudyal blog, and my online presence in general over the past few months, especially in July. Frequent visitors here might have noticed, random jottings... has undergone a massive facelift recently. And much more than spending time writing posts, I have been spending time designing this "face of the blog" and learning a thing or two about php scripts and coding along the way. For a web enthusiast like me, with no background whatsoever in programming languages and scripts, its a huge achievement.

However, these facelifts (here and on poudyal blog) wouldn't have been successful without the themes, plugins, codes, and more recently, the widgets that so many WP-users have created and made available for download. So, a big thank you to all those whose plugins, themes, codes and widgets that I have used to keep random jottings... and poudyal blog running in their present form. More specifically, I read about, and saw Andreas09 theme on Nirlog.com, after which I decided to use the theme myself, and been using it ever since, albeit in a bit modified form. The built-in support for the widgets in this theme was one of the reasons I decided to use it myself and so far I am very pleased with my choice....although, now and then when I see other nice themes, I am tempted to try those out, and on a number of occasions I have done so - but as I have spent so much time personalising Andreas09, I think its only right that I use this theme for now and at least for few more months...and, may be save time for me to write blog entries rather than spend on planning more facelifts 🙂

Apart from plugins and widgets available for download on the net, Taly provided me with the code to pull the thumbnail of the last photoblog entry (from poudyal blog), so a huge thank you to her. She deserves one more mention as my photoblog theme at poudyal blog is based on the photoblog theme that she created and made available for download a while ago.

Finally, thank you to regular (I hope) visitors to my blog for dropping by and checking out my random jottings...and, especially to those who take time to comment as well! Comments on earlier posts always inspire me to write more, so thank you :-)...I am off to London, visiting my sister and some friends (actually from my high-school days, so pretty excited about that!) for the next few days, so I might not be posting anything new for at least until Friday when I get back home...but hopefully, I can update my photoblog with pictures from the capital city while I'm down there, if I get time and means to do so. If not, that will also be updated once I get back home. I think I deserve a break after a good month of blogging 😉

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