This might be boring, but hopefully I don't count as a fool!

An author is a fool who, not content with boring those he lives with, insists on boring future generations.
- Charles de Montesquieu

I do not intend to bore those I live with, let alone future generations, if indeed what I write here survives to the next generation! Nonetheless, I have been documenting bits and pieces of my life, and my thoughts in this blog. The idea being to share what little life experiences, and opinions I have on the stuffs that I care about to like-minded peoples. Well, “unlike-minded” peoples are also welcome here to read and comment on what I write, but I’m guessing those types won’t be too bothered to indulge in such activities!

Anyway, what I write here is/has always been partly (i) fact; (ii) fiction; (iii) honest opinion/thoughts; (iv) hypocritical opinions (practicing what you preach could be difficult at times you know!) – may be not all at the same time but one among these or a mixture of two or more of these. Meaning, everything you read here is NOT real, everything I opine about I DON’T practice, my honest opinions and thoughts probably CARICATURES the “real” me closer than any other type of writings, and finally whatever I write here CAN’T really define the “REAL” person I am….You really have to meet me, talk to me, know me personally, and that for some extended period of time, to know the person that I am. However, if you do feel you know my “caricature” well enough, then you can think you know me well….but I can’t be held responsible if you find a different me if indeed you do happen to meet me within my lifetime….This is all sounding like a “disclaimer” that most corporate websites have, even on every email that comes out of those corporations, which obviously I didn’t mean for it to sound like!!

I really wanted to start writing seriously when I had my 26th birthday. Why? Because Nick Drake died aged 26, by which time he had already written all he wanted to write, if we are to assume that he really wanted to die the way he did. I am not saying I could write like him - that I couldn't even dream of doing; but what he did before he died at 26 is quite exceptional and inspiring. That day (on my 26th b'day) I realised I hadn’t written a single piece seriously and what I really wanted to do was write – fact, fiction, opinion pieces, essays, anything that involved a bit of thinking, a bit of imagination and creativity, and didn’t really mind if it was a bit hypocritical either – and there I was already half way through my life (by Nepali standard) and full way through Nick Drake’s life!! How scary? I thought. I ought to write something. I did start to write an essay there and then (unfortunately that essay is still unfinished :-(), something I hadn’t done since 1997 when I competed in an impromptu essay writing competition on “Environment Day” representing my college. In fact I came second in that competition, only for the Principal to keep the prize for some reason….I think I couldn’t go to collect it as I had my exams and when it came to the Principal’s, it stayed at his place and I never went there to claim it or something. I didn't mind him keeping that certificate, but I would have liked to receive the cash reward though, which I don’t remember if I got it from the Principal or not :-(. In any case, that was the end of my non-existent “writing” career that mostly entailed impromptu essay writing competitions.

Nonetheless, if I look back, I probably made enough money by winning (or coming second on) those competitions for this blog to be hosted for two years or so. That means I have one more year to experiment with my writings before that money runs out and I need to enter into other essay writing competitions to keep this blog running ;-)… Well, that’s very unlikely at this point in life. Not about entering the competition, but making money by winning it! And, you can’t really expect to earn from your hobby unless you are….well, a genius. That I am not, and I’ll probably have to save from my “tiffin money” (as I used to during those school days to save for things I wanted to buy and didn’t want to ask parents to buy those for me!) to keep this blog up and running when the “money runs out”. Isn’t “when the money runs out” a line from David Gray’s song? I think it is, but can’t remember exactly which one it is from…. Being a big fan of David Gray, it’s a bit embarrassing, but there you go, we can’t remember everything with this tiny brain that we have…. I just did a word count, and guess what, I have already written; well, 763 words. And I haven’t even started on what I intended to write about in the first place, which was to be bold and tell the story of my life in no particular order, to no particular audience/reader. Well, I guess instead of starting on the “story of my life” I should end this monologue of sorts for now. Will try to continue some day soon…Adieu!

PS. I just noticed below under "Related Posts" a completely unrelated post! Looks like this "related post" plugin needs to be told off 😛

3 thoughts on “This might be boring, but hopefully I don't count as a fool!

  1. zade

    Tapain ko blog ta babbal cha! wish I could do sth hatke like this.. and sorry for the bday..and I would like to wish a belated bday to you tara a 11day old baby can barely babble!hahahah 🙂 Have fun! writing about whatever you want to...Rock on!
    Tata for now

  2. mahesh

    Zade, dherai-dherai dhanyabaad tapain lai pani for coming in here and "leaving imprints" and not just sneaking in and out! no worries re: bday...but babbling bday wish sounds fun anyway :-)...btw, it took me quite a while to figure out "hatke"...i thought that was a typo! now that i know (i think i do) what you meant by it, i say - its not that difficult to do "sth hatke like this"...all you got to do is spend time (too much time in fact) playing with this wordpress thingi, which i wouldn't recommned unless you have plenty of time to spare! i feel like i'm already sinking into the abyss of this WP-World by spending too much time on my blog and too little time on studies 🙁 i know how it feels like to be an addict!!
    ps. thanks for going through the photoblog archives and commenting on one of the older posts, which i never imagined anyone would do 🙂

  3. Zade

    Now, it sure is fun to be leaving imprints in other blogs! I am just experiencing the thrill!heheh 🙂 And for the "hatke" thing I thought you wouldn't get it too, kina bhane that's more of a Howde kurakani. ani tapain ko kura padhda you seem to be a Bhadrapurush 🙂 ( Forgive my psycho bhasa) Wish I could spend more time tampering with my blog too..hehehe but ya its too much to ask for at the moment. Your blog ko outlook ta just great.. N your photos are absolutely mindblowing! Ma ta herera danga 🙂

    Btw had recommended a fren to see your pics a long time back and she was also thrilled. But she doesn't even leave imprints in my it will surely take time to do it in yours! 😉
    Nevertheless, do expect the unexpected!! ( Like it is for your blog visitors, there is always sth new..ooooh aja ta euta Love Quote raicha ni! Hmm different..but not sure if I got all of it) Jhannai miss gareko!or was it thr yesterday? confused...hehehe

    Je hos aba aja lai yeti, baki arko patra ma! 🙂

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